10 Dos and Don’ts of Summer Style

Summer is coming! It’s time to update our summer style rules. Here are some tips for summer style, check them out!
Choose light and breathable clothing: The high temperature in summer is no joke, so it is very important to choose light and breathable clothing. Clothes made of cotton, linen, and silk are all good choices and can make you feel fresher.
Go bold with bright colors: Summer is such a vibrant season, so don’t be afraid to wear bright colors! Bright yellows, pinks, blues, etc. can all make you look more energetic.
Pair it with simple accessories: In the hot summer, simple accessories can add points to your overall look. A simple necklace, a pair of small earrings or a chic bracelet can all be a great embellishment.
Play with prints and patterns: Prints and patterns are one of the defining elements of summer. You can choose clothes with flowers, fruits, polka dots and other elements to make your outfit more summery.
Pay attention to sun protection: Don’t forget to protect your skin. Choose clothing with sun protection function or match it with a hat or sunglasses, which can be both fashionable and sun-protective.
Wear comfortable shoes: There are a lot of activities in the summer, so choosing a comfortable pair of shoes is key. Sandals, flip-flops or sneakers are all good choices to make your steps easier.
Try shorts and skirts: show off your legs! Shorts and skirts are must-have items in summer, allowing you to feel cool while showing off your figure.
Pair it with a refreshing hairstyle: In hot weather, a refreshing hairstyle can make you feel more comfortable. You can choose to tie your hair up or put it in a bun to make yourself more refreshing and neat.
Stay confident: No matter what you wear, confidence is the most important thing. Believe in your own style and show yourself boldly, and you will be the most beautiful summer scenery.
Match according to the occasion: Different occasions require different clothing, so choose appropriate clothing according to the nature of the event. Whether it’s a casual beach vacation or a formal gathering, dress appropriately.
Avoid overly heavy clothing: Summer is not the time to wear heavy clothing as it can make you feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Try to choose lightweight materials.
Don’t neglect the choice of underwear: the right underwear can make you feel more confident and comfortable in your outfit and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.
Avoid overly complicated outfits: Summer outfits should be simple and clear. Overly complicated outfits may make you look too bloated.
Don’t wear inappropriate shoes: Inappropriate shoes will not only affect your walking, but may also cause foot discomfort or even injury.
Avoid exaggerated makeup: The summer heat can easily cause makeup to fall off, so it is more suitable to choose a natural and refreshing makeup.
Don’t wear non-breathable materials: Non-breathable materials will make you feel hot and sweaty in summer, affecting the overall wearing experience.
Don’t blindly follow trends: Fashion trends are constantly changing, but choose a style that suits you and don’t blindly follow trends.
Don’t ignore body proportions: Choose clothing that suits your body proportions to avoid being too long or too short, which will affect the overall visual effect.
Avoid too confusing color matching: When choosing colors, pay attention to the overall coordination and avoid too confusing color matching.
Don’t neglect your personal style: keep your own unique style, don’t copy others completely, and show your authentic self.
Keep these dos and don’ts in mind and you’ll be on your way to dressing in style and comfort this summer. Enjoy this beautiful season and let your outfit become a beautiful scenery! If you have your own summer dressing tips, please share them in the comments! 💃👗🌞

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